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Dreamers Often Lie

Adaptation of Romeo and Juliet

William Shakespeare

What is Romeo and Juliet if not the tale of house party that's gotten, well, a little out of hand?

So, grab a plastic cup and join us for a rollicking toast to the dreams and desires at the heart of Shakespeare's most infamous — and revelrous — love story.

The lighting for this production indulged in the extended Capulet bacchanal that encompassed the entire queer adaptation, using dynamic color and focus to lead the audience's attention from the pilgrims meeting on the air mattress, Tybalt's impromptu ribbon dance, or the pillow fight that ends in tragedy.

Nick O'Leary

Lukas Papenfusscline

Helena Pennington

Connor O'Leary

Ry Burke

Grace Oberhofer,

        Sam Kaseta

Miranda Hanson

Kim Golding


Adapted By


Set Designer

Lighting Designer

Sound Designers

Costume Designer


Shakespeare in the Theater Festival

The Brick Theater, New York

August 2018

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