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Ry (he/they) is a lighting designer whose work explores space                  and time through light and color, to foster positive change                  through storytelling.

Recent design work includes an online workshop of Bobbie Clearly        (Calarts), R&D (Brouhaha Theater Project), Room for Cream                Season 4 (Theater of the Two-Headed Calf), and These Violent            Delights (Reed College).

They have a BA in Theater from Reed College, and an MFA in                    Lighting Design from Calarts.

They are currently working on Color’s Queer Bent, a                 communal photography project that investigates             the use of colored light as a method for queer self-           expression, by mailing out personalized, handmade         color filters that speaks to an individual’s specific               identity or that reflects their inner queerness.

They are a co-founder and resident narrator for Theater         of the Well-Dressed, a theater company that                       specializes in enacting queer utopia by re-telling               classic fairytales.

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