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Anton Chekhov

Calarts, E407

   Covid-Canceled, day of tech

This production of Uncle Vanya imagined the characters trapped in an endless cycle of hours and days, their story repeating in this liminal space.

The lighting cycled between magenta and aquamarine to distance our space from reality, while carving out shapes of white for selected moments of clarity.

The night of tech instead saw the cast and crew safe at home, about to be trapped in our own spaces for a year of repetitive hours and days

Peng Hsu​

Salmah Beydoun

Ry Burke

Jacenta Yu

Xiyu Lin

Cheyenne Knehans

Jake Seikman


Set Designer

Lighting Designer

Sound Designer

Costume Designer

Scenic Artist

Technical Director

Sonya sees Yelena clearly from the tank

Testing Magenta and Aquamarine during spacing...

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