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Alex Lubischer

Calarts, Online Festival


This production of Bobbie Clearly was made entirely socially distanced, with the team collaborating across oceans and time zones.

Blending close-up interviews with characters and dynamic shots of set models, this production strove to juxtapose the characters' inner emotions and their public faces in order to paint a portrait of a town that must deal with a senseless tragedy.

The lighting was designed using resources available in actors' homes, and what could be easily shipped to them, adding a unique, intimate touch to the documentary aesthetic

Joshua Sobel

Chun-Wei Wang

Ry Burke

Ly Eisenstein

Jack Weiss

Tanvi Desai

Edwin Livingston


Set Designer

Lighting Designer

Video Designer

Sound Designer

Costume Designer


apartment model

Jane and Brynn's home, interview, and inner worlds

Stanley's home, interview, and inner worlds

Model of the town Milton

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