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These Violent Delights

Adaptation of Romeo and Juliet

William Shakespeare

Reed College Diver Studio Theater


Responding to the social and political world of 2016, this adaptation asked:

"In a threatening world, what does safety mean and when do we get to be vulnerable?"

In These Violent Delights, a group of young dissidents reenact Romeo and Juliet in order to break from an oppressive structure. Through their reenactment, the characters have unexpected discoveries about love and freedom, gender, and sexuality.

The lighting design centered around using color to explore queer transgression. When the group entered their fantasy world, a flood of color transformed the prison space. When the prison electricity went out, flashlights became spotlights and disco balls.

When the prisoners gained the upper hand, white light shattered into color.

Catherine Ming T'ien Duffly

Rosie Tabachnick

Peter Ksander

Ry Burke

Sharath Patel

Jenny Ampersand

Peter Ksander


Asst. Director

Set Designer

Lighting Designer

   Thesis Production

Sound Designer

Costume Designer


Adaptation Team: Catherine Ming T'ien Duffly,       

Peter Ksander, Ry Burke,             

Rosie Tabachnick, Juliana Cable

                                 and Somerset Thompson            

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