Celebrando Fornés

Molly's Dream

María Irene Fornés

Zoe Aja Moore​

Nic Prior

Mengquing Yuan

Ry Burke

Bo Li

Selena Jin

Hao Feng


Asst. Director

Set Designer

Lighting Designer

Sound Designer

Costume Designer


Calarts, Coffeehouse Theater

   December 2019

The Summer in Gossensass and Molly’s Dream are two topsy-turvy         tales that explore sex, fantasy, and feminine desire all while             towing a fine line of surrealism and reality.

From the intimate Victorian parlor of a spoofed Hedda Gabler to a         Wild West bar of dreamy Fabio’s, karaoke, and a tap dancing             Shirley Temple character, both The Summer in Gossensass and         Molly’s Dream create a peculiar and surprising space that                 invites audiences to laugh loudly and dream daringly.

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